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Product Summary

All Atlantic Residential Tanks are fabricated for either inside or outside use in the storage of heating oil, and can be manufactured for installation in either the “Vertical” or “Horizontal” (flat) position. All Residential Tanks are made in accordance with the specification of Underwriters Laboratories® standard #80. Atlantic Tanks are manufactured with 12 gauge steel and painted with a gray powder coat enamel. For the Ultimate in environmental protection, you can combine our Double Bottom tank with a polyurethane finish to achieve the Most Advanced Limited Warranty ever offered in the residential heating oil storage industry – Up to 25 years.

Atlantic Tanks are designed to be ergonomically friendly for the installer. Our exclusive head design is dimpled “inward” to allow for plenty of hand clearance. When combined with a sturdy, welded carrying handle, our tanks help installers avoid a potential “knucle-busting” injury when moving tanks into their final locations.

Our customers will also benefit from our unique method of shipping Atlantic Tanks, using our exclusive packaging and delivery system. Our Tank-PAC pallets have been designed to hold two tanks tightly banded together for ease of handling and stackable storage. We also offer recycling credits for pallets returned to us for reuse.

Specifications for Ultra Enviro-Tech Tank – Polyurethane Coated with Double Bottom
Gallons Steel Gauge Dimensions W × H × L Part # Vertical / Horizontal Part # Ext. Shipping Weight
275 12 27" × 44" × 60" AT275VHO vertical DEP 276
275 12 44" × 27" × 60" AT275HHO horizontal DEP 276
330 12 27" × 44" × 72" AT330VHO vertical DEP 354
330 12 44" × 27" × 72" AT330HHO horizontal DEP 354

Click here for Vertical Ultra Enviro-Tech Tank Spec Sheet

Click here for Horizontal Ultra Enviro-Tech Tank Spec Sheet